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Sample Questions

Below is a sample of questions of different cards that you would find in "The Family Edition", more specialist cards with different levels of difficulty can be found in specific editions, see Order.

Do it

if players guess word correctly - roll the dice again

Act it : act the word with no sound Vampire

: act the word with no sound Helicopter

Draw it : with pencil draw outline of Shark

: with supplied matchsticks make shape of Crown

Cut it : with child friendly scissors cut shape from paper of a Cloud

: with child friendly scissors fold paper in half and cut shape

  from paper to produce a Circle

Sound it : make the noise of a Dolphin

: hum the christmas song Jingle Bells

Make it : use the plasticine to make a Aeroplane

: use the pipe cleaners to make a Spider

Action it : read this out and try to do 3 star jumps

: read this out and try to do spin around 5 times in less than 10 seconds

Back Track & Fast Track

Questions styles similar for both these types of card. Not all cards have 5 levels of the question.

For guidance on which of the 5 levels to ask please see Which Question? section.

Numbers ?   4 + 2 + 5 
  ??   5.5. + 5½
  ???   33 - ? = 22
  ????   121 divide by 11
  ?????   3 : ? : 25
  Answer   11
Numbers ?   which is bigger 19 or 22
  ??   which is smaller 8888 or 999
  ???   does 143 - 88 equal 42 or 65
  ????   which is less £2 or 180 pence
  ?????   which is a prime number 8 or 5
  Answer   2nd number
Words spell it   Ask person to spell the word
  ?   run
  ??   dash
  ???   sprint
  ????   running
  ?????   marathon
Words write it   write down the plural of flower?
  Answer   flowers
Words say it   make a sentence about snowing of at least 8 words and don't use the word snow or snowing
  Answer   check the sentence for snow and snowing
Words     Give alternate words for "small"
  ?   give 1 alternative word
  ??   give 2 alternative words
  ???   give 3 alternative words
  ????   give 4 alternative words
  ?????   give 5 alternative words
  Answer   use dictionary or thesaurus if dispute
Knowledge science    
  ?   What is orange object in the sky
  ??   What is the closest star
  ???   what is the largest object in our solar system
  ????   what produces the solar wind in our solar system
  ?????   Greeks called it Helios and the Romans called it Sol, what is it
  Answer   the Sun
Knowledge nature    
  ?   what is inside your body that you breath with
  ??   what do you have inside your chest that act as bellows
  ???   what organ do you breath with
  ????   what organ generates carbon dioxide in your body
  ?????   where would you find alveoli in your body
  Answer   lungs
Knowledge places    
  ?   which nearby country to the UK do they speak French
  ??   which country is the Eiffel Tower in
  ???   if you went from England down the Channel Tunnel which country would you enter first
  ????   which country is home to the Louvre Museum
  ?????   which is the largest European Union country by area
  Answer   France

50 / 50

There are be 2 outcomes to this 50-50 card and the card will let you know if you go forward a row or back a row

50 /50 chance : Roll the dice : Even number go forward : Odd number go back

50 /50 chance : Toss the coin : Tails go forward : Heads go back

50 /50 question : London is hosting the summer Olympic games in 2012

True or False?

True (2012 correct) go forward : False answer go back

Fact: The Olympics is held every 4 years

50 /50 question : Tadpoles turn into Frogs : True or False? :

True (egg-tadpole-frog) go forward : False answer go back

Fact: Tadpoles use gills not lungs to breathe underwater